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Healing Through Love was formed in early April 2018 by four Adelaide based businesswomen whose vision is to shift the awareness of domestic and family violence within the community and to support and empower survivors providing them with a soft place to land.

As well as The Healing Through Love Podcast – we hold annual pamper days for survivors in South Australia where local businesses pay it forward to give our survivors a much-deserved day of joy.

Local business owners came together to ‘pay it forward’ and offer their time

and resources, giving women the opportunity to enjoy many free services such as massages, facials, makeup, hair styling, and personal styling. We also invite numerous services that provided advice on legal and financial matters to participate.

The goal of holding the Pamper Day event is to help as many survivors of domestic and family violence in our community as possible by increasing awareness to the wider community and offering advice on services available to survivors and their family members.

Our Team

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Rose Davidson

For more than 35 years, Rose was a high-level administrative worker who found her passion in creating online experiences. Her love for creativity led to the creation of an innovative service that helps authors, speakers, and coaches create memorable events through visual media like videos or images with the goal they will be more successful at whatever it is they do!

In 2020, Rose could see that the pandemic was severely impacting small business owners. As time passed and there were no signs of recovery for these struggling companies to return to normalcy; she knew what needed to be done: help them to reopen their businesses!

As an advocate for Social Justice and an avid campaigner against all forms of abuse, Rose is passionate about equality and justice.


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Sharlene Lynch

Sharlene Lynch is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and veteran workshop facilitator with 30 Years’ experience in business coaching and a background in accounting and holistic psychology.

Speaking with us today on MINDSHIFT the future of mindset, a program that delivers tools and techniques to create a life that thrives.

Sharlene is the Vice President of Healing Though Love a social enterprise that provides pamper days for women impacted by family and domestic violence.